Ole Mill Towns of the Cannon River Valley

The Cannon River runs from southeastern Minnesota into the Mississippi River with evidence of human activity here dating back 1,000 years. Early Americans in the mid-19th century were drawn to the Cannon River Valley, harnessing the power of the ... Read More →

Mad for Madison, WI

It wasn't long after dating a Minnesota native that I learned of the Viking fandom tradition, passed along over generations. Purple and yellow additions were swiftly added to my dresser. Indeed being a fan of the Vikings is wrapped in great hope and regular ... Read More →

Winter Weekend on the East End

I learned a new word recently: smultronställe. It's Swedish, literally meaning "place of wild strawberries," however more familiarly means a place discovered, treasured, returned to for solace and relaxation, a personal idyll free from stress or sadness. ... Read More →

24 Hours: Minneapolis

With 24 hours in Minneapolis, here is how we made the most of our stay to this hip northern metropolis on the Mississippi River. We started our day at Modern Times,... Read More →

24 Hours: NoMadic in New York

I had the opportunity to stay at The NoMad Hotel this week just north of the flatiron district. I've been a fan of their library bar for years so I was very excited to have our own little stay-cation. Hotels like The Ace and NoMad and their stylish labyrinths of restaurants, bars and coffee... Read More →

24 Hours: A Night in a Scottish Castle

The Scottish countryside is nothing short of enchanting. In autumn, Andrew and I left from Edinburgh for a sun-filled journey through green meadows and wide wheat landscapes to explore the Scottish Highlands. The first stop after an early morning departure from the medieval capital was Kildrummy... Read More →

24 Hours: A Cave in Cappodocia, Turkey

In November 2012 I went on a trip with a few guys I know to the region of Cappadocia in central Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most vibrant, interesting, beautiful cities, a true east meets west and where I've returned over and over, and this was my first adventure into the depths beyond. Our journey began at Büyük Otogar... Read More →

24 Hours: The Priory at Gouvix

Following a two hour or so train from Paris to Normandy we arrived to the main train station of Caen, picked up our rental car and made our way toward the coastal road to spend the day sightseeing the famously chic, Deauville (oft referred to as the Hamptons of France) and then Honfleur before making our to... Read More →

24 hours: A Chateau in Normandy

After a few hours making our way southward on A28 we arrived toward a rather unexceptional town, slightly modern bordering industrial. Passed through a suburban complex. Looped a roundabout enough times to be noticed for the fact we were just on the verge of lost until a few narrow roads... Read More →