Hidden Hollows and Peeking Moose

A few miles north of Woodstock in Shandaken Wild Forest, is Rochester Hollow. A long dirt road which feels akin to trespassing reveals the start of the 5.6 mile loop through the woods.... Read More →

Powder Struggle: Puns and Presidents

Fellow listeners of Slate's Political Gabfest may share in my enamor for a presidential kerfuffle on the icy coast, as shared by John Dickerson. The year was 1975 and incumbent President Gerald Ford was preparing for the 1976 ... Read More →

Edge of America: Pacific Coast Highway

Since embarking on a four month tour of the U.S., I can officially say that I covered the whole of the California coast — from San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate to traverse the steep cliffs of Muir ... Read More →

City Escapes: Redwood Forest

Nestled north along the California coast are some of the most enchanting trees in the world. Redwood National Park thrives in a warm micro-climate along the Pacific Ocean and in this rainforest are some of the tallest and oldest trees on ... Read More →

City Escapes: Lake Tahoe

A two hours drive from the Sacramento airport and a steep and narrow climb full of switch backs on scenic highway 50 lead to the California side of Lake Tahoe. Visitors flock to its blue waters in summertime and the world renowned winter ski destination ... Read More →

City Escapes: Muir Woods

A Sunday departure at 9:00 a.m. allowed us to skip San Francisco's infamous traffic and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. It marked my first clear view of Alcatraz and the impressive port view of San Francisco as I peered ... Read More →

A Visit to Apple Hill

Lesser known than California's vineyards, are its beautiful apple orchards. In Northern California's El Dorado county is Apple Hill—a collection of 50 odd apple and fruit farms, tree farms, and wineries, laid in the Sierra foothills. The rolling ... Read More →

Musing in Montana

The state lines of Montana are evident not by its welcome sign, but its distinctively wide valleys surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges which encompass you much like a bowl. There is the feeling of being ... Read More →

Absolutely Asheville

Our office at the cabin Asheville is an eco-friendly enclave for the socially conscious and accepting. Coffee shops and kale juices are easy to come by. The Sunday farmers market is an artisanal organic stroll for your body and home. This mountain town in western North Carolina is full of inviting bookshops, coffeeshops and tasty eateries. On the weekend, live music can be found on many a corner. The Great Smoky Mountains layer the horizon like still blue... Read More →