Sign Me Up Santa Fe

If I were to ever have a love affair with a city it would be Santa Fe. It is an artistic center with a long and vivid history. The city has deep native American roots whom had built villages. Born to Spanish colonists in Mexico, Don Juan de Oñate was the ... Read More →

Las Vegas: Fremont Street

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing populations in the country. At its core are bright lights and free will. It's the indulgent city, the anything can happen here city. People visit the strip to let go, to imbibe, to play one more hand for the winningest night. And before ... Read More →

The Loneliest Road in America

It's not a metaphor. US Route 50 (Highway 50) stretches from Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland. It would also be our route from its most westernmost reaches to Ely, Nevada. The road out of sunny Sacramento steadily climbs higher to Lake Tahoe. Earlier in the season ... Read More →

Stay Cool in Colorado

The drive from California to Colorado is not just a long one, or quiet one, but a profound transition in climate and terrain across the continental divide. At the reaches of eastern Nevada the road is paved along snow covered hills and high ... Read More →

2016 Year of the Present.

On a temperate late August day our Buick was packed tightly with all our conceived needs for the adventures which would await. I had recently left an industry which left me unfulfilled for a passion I'm still earning the confidence to pursue. With a ... Read More →

Edge of America: Pacific Coast Highway

Since embarking on a four month tour of the U.S., I can officially say that I covered the whole of the California coast — from San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate to traverse the steep cliffs of Muir ... Read More →

Ancient Rome or Arches National Park?

Slightly north of Moab, Utah you'll find yourself at Arches National Park — it's more than 76 thousand acres of oceanic bed turned salt flat turned sandstone sediment deposit. These sediment deposits have dissolved over time forming ... Read More →

City Escapes: Redwood Forest

Nestled north along the California coast are some of the most enchanting trees in the world. Redwood National Park thrives in a warm micro-climate along the Pacific Ocean and in this rainforest are some of the tallest and oldest trees on ... Read More →

Ode to Paris

“Having lived in Paris unfits you for living anywhere, including Paris;” — it’s a quote from American poet John Ashbery which sticks with me. In the course of time I lived in Paris for graduate school, and the extended flânerie after I had graduated, I spent my waking hours ... Read More →