Vermouth: Beyond the Martini

I think I'll always remember the first time I indulged the nectar of the grape skin. It was a hot July day and the sun shone brightly overhead. I stood gathered with a few friends around a large barrel upon which six green bottles were presented before us ... Read More →

Hidden Hollows and Peeking Moose

A few miles north of Woodstock in Shandaken Wild Forest, is Rochester Hollow. A long dirt road which feels akin to trespassing reveals the start of the 5.6 mile loop through the woods.... Read More →

Artisanal Chocolate Meets Bar Snacks

Sipping a Sunday pre-dinner cocktail at a favorite local haunt, Stockade Tavern, the chocolate, jalapeño dipped corn nuts bar snack captured by attention. A delightful mix of crunch and sweetness from the corn ... Read More →

Recipe: California Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers are long, thin green peppers which grow easily in Northern California. They also happen to make for a delightful finger food which couldn't be more simple, or quick, to prepare. Photo credit: Timothy Vollmer via Creative Commons Ingredients: · Shishito Peppers (1-2 containers) · Sea salt · Olive oil · 1 lime 1. Put olive oil in a frying pan, heat on low, and add whole (washed/rinsed) shishito peppers. 2. Add sea salt and... Read More →

A Visit to Apple Hill

Lesser known than California's vineyards, are its beautiful apple orchards. In Northern California's El Dorado county is Apple Hill—a collection of 50 odd apple and fruit farms, tree farms, and wineries, laid in the Sierra foothills. The rolling ... Read More →

Home Cookin’: A Guide to Cookbooks (Fall Edition)

In the Spring, I shared some of my favorite cookbooks which we have turned to for many a dinner party or a night in. My criteria for a cookbook tends to yield toward the aesthetically pleasing—I want something that looks great on the shelf and also has some beautiful photos inside. Good recipes are fundamental for Andrew; he's the chef in our household.  With new travels come new discoveries and we've picked up some more fabulous cookbooks and thus expanded... Read More →

Old Fashioned in the Old West

Upon entering the town of Ennis, Montana, a sign reads: "Welcome to Ennis. Pop. 840 People. 11,00,000 Trout." Photo credit: This fly fishing town has a vibrant main street with several shops, restaurants and cafés, a salon, and — as any good town that we've found in adventures across America — a distillery. Of course, the exception to its vibrancy is looking for lunch at 2:00 p.m.  At this point, the eateries of the... Read More →