Quinoa, Turkish Coffee, and Other Things You Didn’t Expect to Find in Your Booze

Marathon Village Nashville's Marathon Village, a building which has housed a range of industries from gasoline engine to motor car manufacturing since 1884, has since turned into a mega cool boutique, brewery, distillery and winery marketplace just a few minutes from Germantown. The Barrel We enter into a sleek bar where the back wall is lined with the full Corsair Distillery spirit collection. Shot by shot, our knowledgable bartender describes each flavor, the steam processes used for concocting our spirit... Read More →

Absolutely Asheville

Our office at the cabin Asheville is an eco-friendly enclave for the socially conscious and accepting. Coffee shops and kale juices are easy to come by. The Sunday farmers market is an artisanal organic stroll for your body and home. This mountain town in western North Carolina is full of inviting bookshops, coffeeshops and tasty eateries. On the weekend, live music can be found on many a corner. The Great Smoky Mountains layer the horizon like still blue... Read More →

A Touch of Salt

Salt. It's been a desired through civilizations and has even led to bloodshed. It's kept communities from starving through winter as a handy preservative. It's in the oceans, the mountains, and our own make up. It carries flavor from the lands and seas it's mined. It's a part of us, and perhaps like thirst, we... Read More →

Recipe: Summertime Quiche

Crust (as directed per package). *I usually go for a gluten free crust. And nope, I do not have dough making skills, yet. Pre-heat oven accordingly. Filling:... Read More →

New York’s Floating Bar

New York City is renowned for its restaurants, bars and nightlife. Each distinct neighborhood across the boroughs tooting different trends, farm to table lovers, cocktail aficionados, winos, 19th century pubs. You name it, we got it. But did you know that one of the coolest bars in the city is actually floating... Read More →

Tasting Wine in Cappadocia

A recent autumn, I had been hiking through Cappadocia with a group of friends. Each day we ventured through a different valley, full of mysterious chimneys and ancient hidden cities. From our hostel in Göreme, we saw an ad for "best vineyards in central Turkey... Read More →

Home Cookin’: A Guide to Cookbooks

Whether it's romantic dinner for two, an array of hors 'oeuvres for twenty or more, a full dinner party of 8 around the table, we're always looking to cookbooks to create a menu tailored to ever occasion. Here are some of favorites that will pretty much have you covered ... Read More →

Tasting Wine in Südtirol

The südtirol is an alpine region in northern Italy spanning up to the Swiss and Austrian borders. The region has a strong heritage with locals whom are often trilingual in Italian, German and Ladin -- the region's patois. Just a 3+ hour's drive up from Venice or down from Munich, the area is full of snowcapped... Read More →

Throwing a Bridal Shower

My dear friend, sisterly love, partner in crime since age seven is getting married! As a maid of honor, it is our duty throw an awesome bridal shower -- one that is a great party and great fun for everyone. It's a time when a number of people from different places and times in the bachelorette's life are in one room... Read More →

A Croissant in Brooklyn

Ah le croissant, si delicieux! Flaky, buttery, easily peeled dough layer by dough layer, the outside crunches and crumbles. As a one-time expat on Rue des Quatre Vents in the 6eme arrondissement... Read More →