DIY: Dresser Makeover

For years, I've had the same clunky set of wooden dressers in my Amagansett bedroom. I've perused yard sales and Craig's List ads to try to replace them, as it hadn't occurred to me that I could have a go at customizing them myself. Feeling inspired by summer around the bend ... Read More →

DIY Urban Garden

In urban dwelling, particularly New York City living, we don't waste space. Particularly, when that space is an outdoor patio avec grill. A door off our bedroom leads to a small concrete space which we have since helped transform into a teak patio and vegetable... Read More →

Literature is Illuminating: A Lesson in Lamp Making

There is something therapeutic about being surrounded by old books -- cloth bindings, muted colors and aging paper fumbled through by strangers and kin alike. And so, I was inspired to have a bookstand lamp by my bedside. A tall stack of economics texts from yesteryear with a metal... Read More →

A Succulent Coffee Table

A succulent coffee table is not one that tastes good, but rather one with your very own garden of succulents built in, with cacti et al. Inspired by the Do-It-Yourself movement and in need of a coffee table, we perused Pinterest, blogs and the like for how to make said table out of pallet boards -- something of which... Read More →

Making New Wooden Crates Look Old and Vintage-y

I love the look of vintage crates. And they seem to be everywhere, in farm to table restaurants, bespoke men's clothing stores, West Elm, RRL. You name your farm chic, haute bohemian venue of your choice. They have a crate. The first difficulty -- where does one even find these (affordable ones)? At Brooklyn flea ... Read More →