Introduction to Ulster County

It had been only 24 hours since I'd arrived to the Hudson Valley and I'd already consumed craft cocktails to jazz tunes, become the owner of a large American flag in a flea market and found a shop entirely devoted... Read More →

Made in Seattle

In the sunshine, Mount Ranier stands impossibly tall to Seattle's south and the Olympic mountain range hovers in the west passed the Puget Sound standing between the city and the Pacific Ocean. Hold on to the glimmer of ... Read More →

Gear to Love: Camping Edition

What would a trek all around the contiguous United States be without some time in the outdoors? And when you're in said outdoors, damn right you're going to want the goods to keep you dry, fed, warm or cool. We froze our butts off without the right sleeping... Read More →

Great Exports: Northern California

In addition to being home to eternal spring weather, a beautiful metropolis, wine country, mountains for skiing and beaches for admiring, even more great stuff is coming out of Northern California.... Read More →

Great Exports: Tennessee

Famous for its music, walking horses and bourbon, there are plenty more exports to get excited about coming out of the volunteer state. These sturdy and stylish bags were borne out of need for life on the road, a musician's take... Read More →

Great Exports: Minnesota

The land of Garrison Keillor and Prince, Paul Bunyon and Bob Dylan – it's no surprise that Minnesota is the land of sensational, if not surprising, exports. From my brief stay this summer, check out some of the amazing craftsmanship ... Read More →

The Story of Our Dining Table

Last November, Andrew and I had decided that we were ready to make a home together and eager to ditch the commute from DUMBO to midtown east. I, still living in my mom's apartment on Sutton Place felt super excited to make the move to Brooklyn, where all the young and cool seemed to be, especially... Read More →

What’s in a name? Or shape?

Objects. Over the years we accumulate objects and they collect meaning and fill our home. The home is the place we create for ourselves -- it's the space that is our reflective, refractive, creative and safe environment filled with pieces from our lives. It just so happens that the special objects... Read More →

Put a bird on it

While perusing a Barnes & Noble in Springfield, MO, AC and I stumbled upon a thick blue linen book titled Natural Histories: Extraordinary Birds. As you can imagine, it's a book of birds, all the little to large winged friends in North America. This thick book doubled as a box which contained hand painted ... Read More →