Gear to Love: Camping Edition

What would a trek all around the contiguous United States be without some time in the outdoors? And when you’re in said outdoors, damn right you’re going to want the goods to keep you dry, fed, warm or cool.


We froze our butts off without the right sleeping bag in Boone, North Carolina and experienced the sweat lodge that became our tent in Arkansas. From east to west, we learned and improved our outdoor skills, from to South Dakota and along the California coast and want to share the gear that we love with you — whether you’re backpacking the lands or headed for a long weekend in nature.


1. North face tent

The particular tent we have is not for the polar explorer but it gets the job done. It’s easy to set-up and even easier to take down. In extreme heat ventilation is difficult without losing privacy, but it keeps us dry and comfortable through wind and rain. It’s easy to pack and carry as we make some serious tracks across the U.S.

2. welcome mat

Pictured above in grey with white stripes, this welcome mat from Ikea adds that je ne sais quoi that has no real bearing on our camping comfort other than aesthetics to make it feel all the more enjoyable and civilized.

3. sleeping bag

I picked up a Kelty sleeping bag at R.E.I. which keeps me comfortable in my cocoon in temperatures as low as 40º F.  We recently came across these two-person sleeping bags from Alite which allow you to share your cocoon, but haven’t had the chance to give them a try just yet.

4. Tarp

IMG_0018-1edited 123

We purchased canvas tarps in beige and hunter green — and left the beige behind for the beach. These make sturdy picnic blankets which are easy on the eyes no less.

5. Bistro table from Ikea

DSC00653-1edited 123

There are plenty more practical fold up tables out there you might say… and you might be right. However, the legs fold up and the tabletop snaps on and off, and it looks oh so chic out in the woods.

6. hatchet

This hatchet (or axe) is great for firewood, or self-defense but hopefully we won’t get there. Looks good too.

IMG_4733-1edited 123

Or just…

7. get Jucy wit’ it (na na na na, na na na)

Meet Jucy. It’s a Dodge Caravan turned Camper mobile painted in a heinous bright purple and soilent green with all the camping convenience and knowhow coming out of New Zealand.



Photo credit:

Jucy RV





The company has just introduced the all-purpose vehicle across California and in Las Vegas. For just around $35 (+/-) per day you have a bed, kitchenette and wheels for transport. It’s not only convenient but a solid money saver when you don’t have to seek a hotel in colder or more inclement weather. Of course, you will still need a shower and toilet so don’t write off a fully equipped campground or a hotel just yet.

For more on how we packed our car for this multi-month, check out my article on Medium:

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