Edge of America: Pacific Coast Highway

Since embarking on a four month tour of the U.S., I can officially say that I covered the whole of the California coast — from San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate to traverse the steep cliffs of Muir ... Read More →

Made in Seattle

In the sunshine, Mount Ranier stands impossibly tall to Seattle's south and the Olympic mountain range hovers in the west passed the Puget Sound standing between the city and the Pacific Ocean. Hold on to the glimmer of ... Read More →

City Guide for a Flâneur: Portland

Portland is a gem in the west, a familiar hipster haven with an affection for the outdoors. Artisanal crafts, coffee and cocktails enliven the quadrant city, all to the rhythm of the entrepreneurial flow which emboldens such creativity and ambition. ... Read More →

A Guide to San Francisco’s Most Hipster Hood

In the central valley of San Francisco there lies a land where there are no hills. It has a deep history of immigrants staking claim in the area since it was settled by Spanish explorers and its latest arrival are hipsters and strollers in a speedy fashion. The area of “The Mission”... Read More →

Old Fashioned in the Old West

Upon entering the town of Ennis, Montana, a sign reads: "Welcome to Ennis. Pop. 840 People. 11,00,000 Trout." Photo credit: NoDirectionKnown.com This fly fishing town has a vibrant main street with several shops, restaurants and cafés, a salon, and — as any good town that we've found in adventures across America — a distillery. Of course, the exception to its vibrancy is looking for lunch at 2:00 p.m.  At this point, the eateries of the... Read More →

Find Your Stomping Ground in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is the second largest producer of music in the U.S. after New York. The city lives and breathes the blues and rock 'n roll jams alongside indie pop and folk at frequented coffeeshops, bars and burger joints. Appreciation for artistry permeates and the chatter of rising and hustling musical stars echoes like the acting culture in L.A. or real estate in New York. Native Nashvillians are a welcoming bunch, proud of their city and lovers... Read More →

En Route: Saxapahaw

Coffee Menu, Cup 22 It's a short drive from Carrboro to Saxapahaw's Cup 22. In a multi-level music venue meets brewery meets artisanal coffee shop, we sat inside a large industrial space sipping iced brew. Sleek rounded industrial lamps and a smelting tank turned lamp light up an evening concert and dance venue. A sparkling disco ball sits atop in the middle of the ceiling. The brick walls have a white patina style and floor to ceiling... Read More →