Ole Mill Towns of the Cannon River Valley

The Cannon River runs from southeastern Minnesota into the Mississippi River with evidence of human activity here dating back 1,000 years. Early Americans in the mid-19th century were drawn to the Cannon River Valley, harnessing the power of the ... Read More →

Home Cookin’: A Guide to Cookbooks (Fall Edition)

In the Spring, I shared some of my favorite cookbooks which we have turned to for many a dinner party or a night in. My criteria for a cookbook tends to yield toward the aesthetically pleasing—I want something that looks great on the shelf and also has some beautiful photos inside. Good recipes are fundamental for Andrew; he's the chef in our household.  With new travels come new discoveries and we've picked up some more fabulous cookbooks and thus expanded... Read More →

24 Hours: Minneapolis

With 24 hours in Minneapolis, here is how we made the most of our stay to this hip northern metropolis on the Mississippi River. We started our day at Modern Times,... Read More →

Great Exports: Minnesota

The land of Garrison Keillor and Prince, Paul Bunyon and Bob Dylan – it's no surprise that Minnesota is the land of sensational, if not surprising, exports. From my brief stay this summer, check out some of the amazing craftsmanship ... Read More →

In Search of Lake Wobegon: Ely, Minnesota

The fresh water is warm and inviting at Farm Lake The road north to Ely trails along Lake Superior and then up into the Superior National Forest. 3.9 million acres of lakes and land lush with pine, fir and spruce trees. For hours, we drove through enchanting, winding roads. The trees grew taller as we furthered toward the Canadian border. Seemingly no other cars were on the road. We pulled over to turn off our engine and breathe in... Read More →

Highway 61 Revisited & Other Adventures in Duluth

Duluth Seaport City of Duluth Approaching Duluth one has a clear view onto Lake Superior. We curved along the ramp downhill oward a thin strip of land jutting out into the water. The rest of the city is set on a steep hill. The long, thin road into Canal Park was dotted with old factories cum boutiques, breweries and restaurants. Our hotel was the Park Point Marina Inn.  Historical maps and photos of ships from the great Midwest... Read More →