First Mate Andrew sailing in Three Mile Harbor

The East End Classic Boat Society in Amagansett has been preserving and promoting traditional marine craftsmanship and the enduring integrity of fine marine design since 1998.

Tucked away behind the Whaling Museum, the wood shop, which EEC rents from the town for $1.00 a year abuts the dunes of the Atlantic with clear views to the water between Indian Wells and Atlantic Beach.

The interior is full of starboards and sterns, and sailing boats in the making or in the fixin’ in various stages of completion, and full of friendly smiles that were decked in raincoats on this chilly, gray spring day.

Prominently on display beneath the windows is this year’s boat for raffle, a different model built from scratch and auctioned each year. The floor underneath is the salvaging area, vintage sail boats, some dating to the 1960s, some that had been abandoned, damaged or donated and now returning to life.

The Society is pleased to pass on their skills to a younger generation or just to share in the admiration of all things marine.