The Loneliest Road in America

It's not a metaphor. US Route 50 (Highway 50) stretches from Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland. It would also be our route from its most westernmost reaches to Ely, Nevada. The road out of sunny Sacramento steadily climbs higher to Lake Tahoe. Earlier in the season ... Read More →

Stay Cool in Colorado

The drive from California to Colorado is not just a long one, or quiet one, but a profound transition in climate and terrain across the continental divide. At the reaches of eastern Nevada the road is paved along snow covered hills and high ... Read More →

2016 Year of the Present.

On a temperate late August day our Buick was packed tightly with all our conceived needs for the adventures which would await. I had recently left an industry which left me unfulfilled for a passion I'm still earning the confidence to pursue. With a ... Read More →

Gear to Love: Camping Edition

What would a trek all around the contiguous United States be without some time in the outdoors? And when you're in said outdoors, damn right you're going to want the goods to keep you dry, fed, warm or cool. We froze our butts off without the right sleeping... Read More →