An old trunk for a mini bar

I had the opportunity to stay at The NoMad Hotel this week just north of the flatiron district. I’ve been a fan of their library bar for years so I was very excited to have our own little stay-cation. Hotels like The Ace and NoMad and their stylish labyrinths of restaurants, bars and coffee shops onsite let patrons step into a mahogany and leather universe with a well made old fashioned — it’s London high life meets electro vibes and Jay-Z through your speakers.

The room was beautiful, and much larger than any I’ve seen around the city. A California King with a leather headboard and seemingly handpicked framed prints make you feel right at home — it’s not cold nor sterile — but rather inviting and eclectic, like you’re in the home of a traveller who has collected these artifacts along their way. Included on the wall was a map of Holland, which I’ve become obsessed with since my last visit, and so, I knew we’d be in for a treat.


Above the bed

The bedroom yields into essentially a wash room area with a free standing sink, walk-in shower, and most jovially, a four post bathtub.


A tub for the bedroom

For your next visit to New York, or even visit to Manhattan from places as far as Brooklyn (eh-hem), The NoMad Hotel offers a sense of luxury without stuffiness. It’s hip, creative and original.