I am a writer and content creator, driven by a love for cultural immersion and our blue orb and a fascination for branding and marketing. I think by fusing these things, our message can become combustible with planetary harmony. An Amagansett native returned here to the East End, and hitherto a peripatetic-Brooklynite-Parisienne.

I started Maidstone Buttermilk in 2015 to record 15,000 miles traveled by car across the continental United States (I also wrote about the journey in Jeanie & David Stiles’ book Building Small: Sustainable Designs for Tiny Houses & Backyard Buildings). It’s evolved into my corner of the internet to navigate this planet of ours and learn how to play my part in protecting it.

As an avid traveler, linguist and beach bum, I’ve concluded that breaking down cultural boundaries helps strangers become neighbors, and watching waves roll in can make anyone fall in love with Planet Earth.

Come hang out here for things travel, toasting, design, local life on the eastern seaboard and general musings inspired by good living for our planet and each other.