Home Cookin’: A Guide to Cookbooks (Fall Edition)

In the Spring, I shared some of my favorite cookbooks which we have turned to for many a dinner party or a night in. My criteria for a cookbook tends to yield toward the aesthetically pleasing—I want something that looks great on the shelf and also has some beautiful photos inside. Good recipes are fundamental for Andrew; he’s the chef in our household.  With new travels come new discoveries and we’ve picked up some more fabulous cookbooks and thus expanded our list of must-dine restaurants.

New scenic café


Photo credit: MSPMag

While in Duluth, Minnesota, we stumbled onto the café’s beautiful cookbook and declared it our lunch spot for the day. It was one of the best meals I’d ever had and so right there at the restaurant we officially added a copy of the cookbook to our bill. How can you go wrong with a forward from Garrison Keillor?



Photo credit: The Girl and the Fig Blog

This French restaurant in Sonoma, California had me at it’s plentiful wine selection and delectable cheese platter. In fact, next to the beautiful wooden and mirrored bar there is a small bar entirely devoted to cheese. The ambience is also stellar, offering long, low wooden tables for a date sipping local cabernets to an outdoor patio with string lighting to dive in to a full course meal. While I do think their cookbook could use more photographs, it’s always more special when you can put a face (or a place) to a name (or shall we say cookbook).




Photo credit: Eater

Named for the three Seattle restaurants of the chef and author, this book is beautifully designed with a delightful nautical sensibility, not mention many fish recipes. We stumbled upon it at Sylvester & Co. in Sag Harbor and couldn’t resist it for our shelves. I look forward to making  a trip to one of the chef’s establishments our next time in Seattle.


SHOP 1 - Book

Photo credit: Ceviche UK

Not long ago, we sat at the bar at this chic Soho, London establishment sipping delicious cocktails and savoring the namesake dish: ceviche. I’ve seen this book popping up in stores everywhere, and who can resist the tile design and fresh look in blue and white?