The land of Garrison Keillor and Prince, Paul Bunyon and Bob Dylan – it’s no surprise that Minnesota is the land of sensational, if not surprising, exports. From my brief stay this summer, check out some of the amazing craftsmanship coming out of the clear blue water state.

Duluth pack


Photo credit: The Coveted Man

With origins over a century old as a canoe pack, the packs, sacks and satchels are among the most beautifully crafted outdoor gear I’ve seen.



Photo credit: Independence – Chicago

These exquisitely thick, plaid and striped blankets with their signature blue labelling brings me back to days at the barn. They’re intrinsically equestrian; simple and elegant

Leather works minnesota

Everything here is made by hand, stitched by hand, dyed by hand. Check out their wallets or their passport and field notes holder.

frost river


Photo credit: Dappered

The folks behind this Duluth-based brand are waxed canvas experts, creating bags that are durable enough for their forefathers of loggers and trappers and traders and adventurers. I purchased a small pouch myself at Minneapolis’ Forage Modern Workshop.

Duluth trading company

DSC00415-1edited 123

Andrew sporting pants from Duluth Trading Co.

This is a head-to-toe outdoorsman’s haven and many of the gear would also look quite stylin’ sipping a Kings County Sour at Henry Public. Men can go from builder and dinner-catcher by day to canapés in the eve. Fun fact: they’re also known for their comedic underwear ads.



Photo credit: Minnetonka (Just Married in Minnetonka)

These fun fringe classics got their start selling out of side-of-the-road gift shops in 1946 to Americans touring the country by car.