In addition to being home to eternal spring weather, a beautiful metropolis, wine country, mountains for skiing and beaches for admiring, even more great stuff is coming out of Northern California.


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These are not your Dad’s flannel shirts. For the urban outdoorsman and woman, these are soft and cool plaid button-downs with fun linings such as deer, bear, or fish scenes making for surprising cuffs when you roll your sleeves.

Juniper Ridge

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The folks at Juniper Ridge formulate “wilderness perfume” from findings such as bark, wildflowers and tree trimmings that they harvest across California. I noticed them first because of their cool bottles, and now they’re a mainstay in cool shops across the country.

Bi-Rite Creamery Ice Cream

You may have to fly to San Francisco to grab a pint. And it would be worth it. This ice cream is creamy, handmade and unique, its natural flavors are mouthwatering.