Burlap Bride To Be Sign

My dear friend, sisterly love, partner in crime since age seven is getting married! As a maid of honor, it is our duty throw an awesome bridal shower — one that is a great party and great fun for everyone. It’s a time when a number of people from different places and times in the bachelorette’s life are in one room — and so the key to keeping things fun and joyful, rather than the awkward events they often are, is to create a welcoming environment. And unlimited booze.

Myself and the other ladies of the bridal party created a menu of afternoon hors d’oeuvres and sweets, and tag teamed on decor items. This could not have been as beautiful as it was without their generous help… and cooking skills! We held it in my apartment in the afternoon, figuring it would be more intimate and curated than any venue.

For drinks we had a champagne/prosecco cocktail station with a variety of juice options for bellinis and mimosas as well as cassis for kir royales.

Hors d’oeuvres were an array of spanakopita (frozen from Trader Joe’s), chicken skewers (from my favorite Thai spot), a homemade watermelon-feat salad and a serious cheese spread.

The highlight of the desserts were cupcakes. Coconut-flour cupcakes. Artisans cupcakes featuring things reminiscent of the bride and groom, i.e. a sugar-created shoe, NYU torch, purse. Not to mention macarons from Ladurée.


The table spread

For the decor we went with bright colors for the flowers (and sweets) and kept it country chic with toile dining cloth and a burlap bride-to-be sign. Inside little black and white popcorn bags we added some color to pop with bright green and pink candies inside.

To add just a touch of silly, I gave the fiancée a giant light up ring to don for the afternoon. As far as the games you typically see at these things, we did a 10-minute or quiz where she had to guess what the groom had answered to questions I had shared with him in advance, keeping it simple and fun.

Overall the party was great fun and most importantly, it made the gal really happy.