Only Browsing: Los Angeles Mercantiles

Los Angeles is the perfect place to wander the lot of bright and sun-filled shops in search of vintage, handcrafted or otherwise unique finds — and then getting back in your car to drive to another part of L.A. to wander ... Read More →

The Loneliest Road in America

It's not a metaphor. US Route 50 (Highway 50) stretches from Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland. It would also be our route from its most westernmost reaches to Ely, Nevada. The road out of sunny Sacramento steadily climbs higher to Lake Tahoe. Earlier in the season ... Read More →

Edge of America: Pacific Coast Highway

Since embarking on a four month tour of the U.S., I can officially say that I covered the whole of the California coast — from San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate to traverse the steep cliffs of Muir ... Read More →

Gear to Love: Camping Edition

What would a trek all around the contiguous United States be without some time in the outdoors? And when you're in said outdoors, damn right you're going to want the goods to keep you dry, fed, warm or cool. We froze our butts off without the right sleeping... Read More →

City Escapes: Lake Tahoe

A two hours drive from the Sacramento airport and a steep and narrow climb full of switch backs on scenic highway 50 lead to the California side of Lake Tahoe. Visitors flock to its blue waters in summertime and the world renowned winter ski destination ... Read More →

Great Exports: Northern California

In addition to being home to eternal spring weather, a beautiful metropolis, wine country, mountains for skiing and beaches for admiring, even more great stuff is coming out of Northern California.... Read More →

Recipe: California Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers are long, thin green peppers which grow easily in Northern California. They also happen to make for a delightful finger food which couldn't be more simple, or quick, to prepare. Photo credit: Timothy Vollmer via Creative Commons Ingredients: · Shishito Peppers (1-2 containers) · Sea salt · Olive oil · 1 lime 1. Put olive oil in a frying pan, heat on low, and add whole (washed/rinsed) shishito peppers. 2. Add sea salt and... Read More →

A Visit to Apple Hill

Lesser known than California's vineyards, are its beautiful apple orchards. In Northern California's El Dorado county is Apple Hill—a collection of 50 odd apple and fruit farms, tree farms, and wineries, laid in the Sierra foothills. The rolling ... Read More →

Home Cookin’: A Guide to Cookbooks (Fall Edition)

In the Spring, I shared some of my favorite cookbooks which we have turned to for many a dinner party or a night in. My criteria for a cookbook tends to yield toward the aesthetically pleasing—I want something that looks great on the shelf and also has some beautiful photos inside. Good recipes are fundamental for Andrew; he's the chef in our household.  With new travels come new discoveries and we've picked up some more fabulous cookbooks and thus expanded... Read More →