Venice is a city unparalleled.

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Its people are decidedly separate from their mainland counterparts–those remaining few who have memorized the lion city’s calles.

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Jan Morris, in her investigations of the city, describes the Venetian way as not only the most right, but the most unique. And it is so with the spritz.

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Before noon, weather no matter, people ubiquitously stand outside their preferred bar with an oversized wine glass filled with ice, a large green olive and a blend of prosecco, sparkling water, and Select.


Select is the Venetian-made counterpart to Aperol and its taste is far less sweet, nearly bitter, and its color is Venetian red.


Now that I’ve tasted a Venetian spritz, I’m loyal to my newfound apéritivo.

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Select was recently purchased by Montenegro and is available in the U.S., at least upon request from your local wine shop.