Bulbs on Film Reels

Nomad, a store in downtown Springfield, MO is home to an assortment of rugs from Bali, bohemian chic jewelry and dresses, beautifully handcrafted furniture and a collection of inspired lamps, designed by owner, Mick.

The store is lit with his and wife’s creations such as this old typewriter turned desk lamp.


Typewriter Lamp

These familiar artifacts redefined as lamps are fun and creative, repurposing forgotten tools and add to the story of your home. When I first walked into Nomad, I saw a handcrafted teak branch tree with wood sourced from Bali, turned lamp. It was too cool and beautiful to leave behind and so we added it to the Penske truck for our eastbound road trip — our first lamp.

Since then, we’ve continued to acquire an array of unique light sources for out apartment — from a rock lamp to a fill up lamp with sand from along our travels.


The Explorer Lamp

The creativity happening at Nomad is ahead of the curve as I recently noticed at West Elm Market a “lamp kit” to make your own. What will you make into a lamp?


West Elm Market’s Make Your Own Lamp Kit