Getting lost in the movies, transported to another story, time, planet — it’s one of the reasons why so many of us are brought together in a dark room staring at a big screen. In line with getting transported, here are homes used in films that will make you want to snap these real estate gems back into your own reality and call them home.

I Am Love

Inspiration: The Dining Room

The perfect exterior of this Italian industrialist family is broken down in a dramatic love and lust story. Their Milanese home epitomizes elegance, attention to detail and the uniting of the present and past. The film uses hues of champagne in the home which contrasts the main character, a transplanted Russian matriarch who finds herself disavowing her husband, in shades of red.

I Am Love, 2009

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Inspiration: Coastal Paradise

In Dickie Greenleaf’s simple, yet tasteful bachelor pad in the fictionalized town of Mongibello, the use of whites, empty space and an abundance of natural light make for an easeful getaway… not to mention the sailboat. It’s enough to drive Tom Ripley green with envy.

The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999

Something to Talk About

Inspiration: The Farmhouse and Stables

The classic Americana farmhouse with an onsite stable (my childhood dream) from the film was shot at the Davant Plantation in South Carolina. The 1800s wooden shingles and shutters, brick chimneys, and pastures of this estate make it the ultimate charming dream house.

Something to Talk About, 1995
Something to Talk About, 1995

Love Actually

Inspiration: The Home Office

Colin Firth’s character’s romantic workspace in his Portuguese countryside home has interior and exterior access, allowing for a breeze and view, as his desk overlooks a private pond.

Love Actually, 2003

Sexy Beast

Inspiration: The Pool

“El Palmeral” via

This gangster film starring Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone is set between London and a Spanish coastal villa, where Ray’s character had hoped to set himself away from all the drama after some time behind bars. In the film, this mountainside pool with epic views onto the Mediterranean becomes a scene for chaos and bloodshed, but here in a listing, returns to its peaceful glory.MM

Match Point

Inspiration: The Country House

In reality, this beautiful Elizabethan-era home is part of the Englefield Estate which is family owned and has been rented out for use for a number of films, including X-Men: First Class. The exterior is a study in craftsmanship and grandeur, and its gardens are nothing short of majestic.
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Jurassic World

Inspiration: A lakefront log cabin and an air stream

Okay, maybe this won’t make you want to move—and dinosaurs proved to be unpredictable neighbors—but this is pretty cool.

Jurassic World, 2015

What home from a movie would you move into?